Thursday, October 14, 2010

iPhone vs. Android: We all Win

I love the below article, but not for the reason you're thinking. Although I am an avid Google user, and I like my Droid phone, I don't hate Apple or the iPhone. I own several iPods and plan on buying an Apple for my next notebook. However, I hate any market where one company dominates as much as Apple has been dominating the phone market. I want to see it more competitive. With Android growing, we will have an increasingly more competitive phone market. This will ultimately benefit consumers like me with lower pricing and better service. Aside from Android's market share growing on its own merit (and AT&T's horribly expensive and terrible network coverage), articles like this promote the great things that the Android platform is now able to provide. Keep growing, Android, and bring down those prices for all of us!

the truth about ditching the iphone for android: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance