Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Calls to Action and Landing Pages Best Practices

We are back, again, with another course from Hubspot's Inbound Marketing University.  Today's course is Class 7: Calls to Action and Landing Page Best Practices (CV101) .  It's about directing your website visitors to perform an action that you want them to take.  There actually is a science to this activity, so make sure to read up on it. I've detailed my notes below for your reference.  Take a look:

Professor: Jeanne Hopkins Marketing ExperimentsHubSpot

Class Notes:

  • On a first date, would you ask someone to marry you?  
    • Pretend a website visitor is your date.  
    • Treat asking for a sale or an action as similar to a proposal.
  • Don't ask for the sale on the first trip to the site.  
    • Use whitepapers, webinars, etc.
  • Once you've established a relationship, then your customer is better prepared to buy
    • Don't rush them

Eight Tips

  1. Create Urgency - Form your messages to give the impression that they need to act now.  An example would be, "only 9 copies left" or "space is limited", etc.
  2. Use Numbers - People respond to facts and figures that involve numbers.  Convince them using stats and numbers.
  3. Indicate a Specific Action - Ask people to do something.  Make it simple, like clicking a button. Use graphical Buttons, and consider using links as well. Test these to figure out what works best with your audience (see as an example)
  4. Use Images - Pictures and images that are visually appealing generate better responses.  Make sure they connect to your landing page
  5. Make your Calls To Action (CTA) click-able - Your entire ad (images, text, everything) should be able to be click-able, linking to your landing page
  6. Use Contrasting Colors - uses a variety of bright colors to differentiate components of their site, especially the CTA
  7. Pay attention to position - Upper right is a good place for calls to action, make sure it's "above the fold"
  8. TEST, TEST, TEST - Understand your stats under one condition, then make a change and see if your stats improve.
Landing Page - A designated page for a call to action. (find out how... See how... Take our Quiz...)

Common Questions from visitors:
  • Why am I on this page?  What am I supposed to do next?  
  • Consider friction, consider anxiety
  • Use simple forms
  • Don't ask for tons of personal info, credit cards, etc.
  • Use a 2-step form if you need lots of information (1 short form for a newsletter, 1 longer form for a webinar)
  • Make your (simple) forms visible right away
    • Avoid using "submit", "check em out" (or anything cute), instead use "register", "sign up", "download" "learn more"
  • Tell people that you value their privacy and put your policy in an easy-to-reach place
Getting Started
  • Try a landing page with a very specific event like a press release, white paper, or announcement for a new product
Get more info
  • On Tuesdays, Hubspot runs a website improvement class based on their grader report from