Friday, June 8, 2012

Internet Marketing and Creating Viral Marketing Campaigns

Today, I continue the Hubspot Inbound Marketing University (IMU) series.  Today, the course is "Get found 301"  Take a look at my notes below:

Viral Marketing and a "World Wide Rave"

Professor: David Meerman Scott


It's not about volume, but targeting.  Universal's Cindy Gordon had a big marketing budget to market the new Harry Potter Theme Park.  Instead of traditional avenues, she invited 7 most popular bloggers about Harry Potter to visit the Harry Potter theme park.  The message exploded from there. From that 7 people, it grew to 350,000,000 people within 24 hours.  She thought she'd get fired for the move, but it was efficient and effective.

Dentist in Boston took Yellow pages money (2,000/mo.) and published an e-book "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex".  Business more than tripled in value.

"Don't ask for attention, earn attention"

5 Main Ideas

The Buyer Persona.

How do you create individual demographics to market your products?  Market to real life people, not faceless ones.  Interview your market, ask them questions, segment them, and create marketing for each group.  Hubspot has "Internet Ian", whom is an internet marketing practitioner.  They make it a point to know intimate details about their market.  What do you want your audience to believe about your product?  Here are some examples:

  1. Gatorade - Athletic Performance
  2. Volvo - Safety
  3. Obama - Change

Earn Attention.

Four ways:
  1. Buy it.  Trade show booth
  2. Beg for it.  Ask people to write about you.
  3. Bug for it.  Call people, knock on doors, sell to them.
  4. Earn it.  Create something great that people want to see.  Kadient published an e-book "new rules of sales enablement (not a whitepaper).  People want to read it.  On the web, "you are what you publish".  When you search for your brand, what comes up?

It's All About People.

Scott Ableman put post-it notes on a colleague's car.  3M asked for it, he requested $2,000.  They said no, and stole the idea.  An uproar broke out over social media.  Bloggers claimed that 3M didn't get social media.  It turned out bad for 3M.  Remember to focus on the individuals, and work hard to make them happy.

Encourage Sharing.

Worth of mouth.  We are lucky to be able to create something online, and have it shared the way it can be shared today.  We have so many more options.  To be successful in creating something, you have to think about earning attention.  "The World Wide Rave".  No one cares about your products except for you.  People care about their problems.
Overused phrases in business "Gobbledygook"

  1. Innovate
  2. Pleased to
  3. Unique
  4. Focused on
  5. Leader Provider
  6. Commitment Partnership
If everyone is unique, no one is unique.  Using stock photos is visual Gobbledygook.  Speak to your buyer persona in their language.

Lose Control.

This one makes people uncomfortable.  Example Grateful Dead lost control of their music.  They let people record, take pictures, etc.  This was shared with friends, and they became one of the most popular touring bands in history.  White papers require subscriptions and dates.  Mailer Mailer "email marketing metrics" paper distribution grew 20 to 1 after taking away the email requirement to get the pdf.

Put Down Roots.

Be in the places that your audience/fans are.  NY Islanders invite bloggers to attend games.  Bloggers write, and sell tickets.  SXSW has a blogger lounge.  The collective reach of that lounge is bigger than the WSJ.  "The Best Job in the World" campaign utilized a 1-minute video on youtube as an application.  This campaign created tons of attention for the Australian island it promoted.  


People are afraid of new things.  They are afraid of this kind of marketing.  The United States Air Force is armed with social media @AFAA.  They want all 330,000 to be involved in social media, spreading their message.  They have guidelines "new media in the airforce" for using social media.