Monday, July 30, 2012

Advanced Analytics for Websites

This week's session from Hubspot's Inbound Marketing University is titled Advanced Analytics: Measuring Online Marketing Success (AZ501) with professor Avinash Kaushik.  Kaushik, who is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, and founder of Market Motive Inc, as well as the author of the book web analytics 2.0 has some valuable insight in what, in my opinion, was one of the best modules in the program.  Take a look at my notes below, summarizing the main concepts of his course.

Introduction to Advanced Analytics

You don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money.  You just need to be smart about tracking important things.

Good Tools for Analytics 
There is a lot of data available for free

  • Yahoo Analytics
  • Google Analytics

There is also good data available for a fee

  • Omniture
  • Compete

These are things that you can and should measure:
  • Clickstream -
    • The What - What are people clicking into?
    •  How much - How much/often are they clicking into it?
  • Experimentation and testing - 
    • The why - Why is certain activity happening on your site?
    • Multiple outcomes analysis
  • Voice of customer - 
    • What else is the customer saying?
  • Competitive Intelligence - 
    • What are your competitors doing?
  • Insights - 
    • oh baby yes!
    • What's up and coming?

Rule #1 Don't Stink

The Main Concepts

If you learn nothing else, know these points:
  • Track your Bounce Rate: I came, I puked, I left.  
    • This needs to be low (Below 50%).  
    • Use Benchmarks in Google Analytics for applicable bounce rates.
  • Watch referral visitors
    • Track if those visitors are adding value.  
    • Which referral sites are adding the most value?
    • Figure out which ones are most beneficial and divert efforts to those sites
  • Don't fret about your home page.  
    • Improve your top landing pages
    • Improve your content pages
    • Did I mention improve the bounce rate?

"It's not the recession, you just suck" - Lisa Barone

What else to Look at?
  • Focus on what's changed (rising/falling keywords, pages, etc)
    • Use click tracks what's changed report
  • Set Alerts for Goals ($ per visit, links in,)
    • Find most lucritive, linked, clicked, productive posts, topics, etc. not just traffic
  • Use a strategy of segmentation (data in aggregate sucks)
    • Separate new visitors from returning visitors.   
    • Look at Depth of visits, segment those people who view 3 pages or more
      • Love your Loyalists, and cater to them
  • Which websites give me traffic where the engagement is higher
  • Look at % of visits compared with the type of content I have on my site.  Look for mismatches
  • Create goals, and measure them.  Think about
    • People going to a specific page (example, the "all posts" page, subscribers page, about page, speaking engagements page)
Be Political
  • At the end of the day, you need to produce the data that your boss cares about.  Usually, this is $$
    • Mcro conversions - total purchases
    • Micro conversions - specific items people buy

Twitter Tips

  • Don't track followers, track message amplification
    • Use a tool called retweeted - who's retweeting you?
    • Don't use twitter as a shouting channel
      • Use it to converse with a targeted audience

You need to be constantly testing and experimenting

  • HIPPO - Highest Paid Person's Opinion
    • We need to move away from this.  Prove that person wrong
  • Experimentation Tools
    • Offermatica
    • Google website optimizers (experiment in 6.5 minutes)

People Matter Most

  • Stick to the 10/90 rule
    • For every $10 you spend on tools, spend $90 on people

Other Tools

  • Google Insights - for search analysis
  • - for website traffic, referral and search analysis
    • trends for websites - for competitive intelligence
  • Google website optimizer (free) optimost and offormatica (paid) - for a/b testing

Keep Learning
  • View Webinars by vendors
    • Omniture does a great one

The IMU Video
Here's the Hubspot IMU video for you to take your own notes.  Enjoy!