Monday, August 20, 2012

Creating Video Content and Hustling Your Site to Success

There are two things that I keep hearing over and over again when it comes to inbound marketing.
  1. Content is King
  2. It's all about video
I believe in both of them.  I was just talking to my old pal Q, from Keysnkeys, the other day about this very topic.  We were discussing how easy it is to get sucked in focusing on the little technical details of your blog like sharing buttons, sidebars, cool little gadgets, etc.  While these things are important, they aren't nearly as important as content.  People will come to your website for your content.  They will stay for your content.  They may poke around and "like" a page because of those little widgets, but ultimately, they want to read and see interesting things.
That's what today's topic is all about.  It's called Passion-Inspired Video and Other Creative Content (GF 502), and it's taught by Gary Vaynerchuck.  Gary is the owner of Wine Library TV, and the author of Crush it!  The notes from this lecture are funny, because he's kind-of a rambler.  However, he is extremely passionate, and extremely high energy.  I really love the passion he puts into his interviews and lectures.  If you take away nothing, take away the fact that passion propels.  Gary also gives great sound bytes, so I put these notes in bullet form.  Go ahead and view the video at the end to see his lecture first-hand.  The following are takeaways from a recent lecture of his on Hubspot:


  • We are all in the "eyeballs" business.  The goal is to get eyeballs on your stuff.
  • Video is the new word of mouth.  It's easily viewed, and easily shared.
  • Platforms
    • Lookout for Facebook as a video platform. There is some serious upside if they get it right.
    • ustream and istream are THE big platforms right now. 
    • Also bliptv and tumogile are other platforms to research
  • Mobile is going to change video. 
    • As phones get more powerful, and cameras get better, mobile video is going to explode in popularity
  • We are having the same debate now about social media that we did about websites in 1995. Live it, breath it, and start investing your time in it.
    • The ROI isn't there yet. It's so new that it's hard to prove. This is going to work. Trust in it.
  • It takes devotion
    • Buidling winelibrarytv took18 months to build, at 5 days a week, spending all day in forums and blogs promoting the website.
  • 1 case study is all you need - "once 1 person wins, that means everyone can win"
  • See Dell, Southwest Airlines, the makeup chick on youtube, winelibrarytv. Do you need more proof?
  • "There is no such thing as viral video"
  • You can't put a video out there and fall asleep. You have to hustle behind the scene. Remember, 5 days week, all day in forums and blogs when you aren't creating content for your own.
  • Mobile isn't exciting, it's the content that mobile will let us bring with us that is exciting. It's simply a way to bring our computers/tv's with us
  • Every B2B decision is made by a human being. Employees do have their own Facebook accounts. Don't pigeon hold yourself in B2B. Go to C before B if you have to. 
  • Content will always be king. Always make quality content.
  • It's storytelling - Testimonials, corporate environment (cool people at work), anything that creates emotional attachment. These are all things that you can produce content about, that people will relate to.
  • Mariano Rivera (New York Yankees pitcher) has 1 pitch. He doesn't have a bunch of others. He says "let them hit this pitch. Until then, I'll keep using it". You only need to do one thing really, really well to make money.
  • Dailybooth - like a photo booth. This is a cool concept.
  • We're heading into the "thank you" economy. People who appreciate you will give back to you.
  • Customer service and content are the name of the game. Be responsive to your fans and partners.
  • Care - return emails, respond to people. Show that you care!
  • Life first, then business - always

Vaynerchuck quote, "He who cares most wins"