Monday, April 16, 2012

Starting a Blog

Blogging Best Practices for Beginners

How to Blog Effectively for Business (GF101)

Starting a blog is difficult.  Believe me.  I'm on my 6th blog now, and have really only created success with one of my previous 5 blogs.  Why, you might be asking.  Well, because I didn't focus on the important things.  Eventually, I would get so caught up in every new social media fad, or fancy techniques, that I lost sight of why I began my blog in the first place.  Building a blog should be all about engaging readers in quality content.  In order to do that, just focus on three things to start.  We can build on that later, but these are the top three best practices for starting, and building, a great blog.

  1. Blog Frequently
  2. Edit Your Content
  3. Focus on Quality Content

Blog Frequently

Blogs must be continually updated to be considered credible.  If you are resource and time constrained, make sure you post, at least, once a week.  Preferably, you should setup a cadence where you are continually posting new content.  This will help build loyalty to your blog, and keep readers coming back to read new content.

Edit Your Content

Don't forget that grammar and style matters.  I come across a lot of content out there that is choppy, full of mistakes, and looks like the writer put little actual effort into putting into the posting.  If you find that you are unable to generate quality posts on your current schedule, consider revising your post cadence in order to give yourself more time to write a great post, edit for style and mistakes, and then post with confidence that you have created value for the reader.

Focus on Quality Content

I alluded to this in the 'Edit Your Content' section, but this is really the most important factor in building a great blog.  Create quality content.  The success of your blog ultimately rests in the quality of your content.  You can perform all the marketing best practice techniques in the world, but the end-reader will ultimately know if you aren't creating quality content.  Focus on writing a great article, each and every time, and you'll be rewarded for rewarding your readers.